Winter is fast approaching. To ensure that your customers are prepared for their coming winter service, GRANIT is pleased to offer an extensive range of suitable parts and accessories. Snow blowers are particularly popular for quickly clearing pavements or car parks. With Loncin engines, your customers will be ready for the first snow.


Perfectly adapted to winter weather, Loncin's snow blower engines are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30°C. All components are perfectly coordinated to ensure reliable engine starting even at the lowest temperatures. The specially developed carburettor and advanced ignition electronics ensure effortless starting even during the colder months. Perfect performance is guaranteed both at sub-zero temperatures and at operating temperature.


One of Loncin's focuses is on production quality. This is why the engines are constantly tested at the production sites, and inspected and certified by independent global testing institutions. The forged crankshaft and hardened crankshaft chamfer plus metal cams extend the life of these engines. An adapted engine casing also ensures excellent protection against the cold. This means that snow and snow dust cannot come into direct contact with the engine. An internal exhaust circuit heats the engine without causing heat build-up, which ensures fault-free operation. Thanks to the combination of low fuel consumption and high efficiency, plus the outstanding value for money, your customers will be impressed with the Loncin snow blower engines.


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