Now new at GRANIT: High pressure hose sets up to 720 bar from CEJN


Working with high pressure hydraulics is an extremely demanding task. The focus of this activity should always be the safety of the user. This is because defective or inferior hose lines can cause not only expensive damage, but also serious injuries. That is why we at GRANIT rely on the world's leading supplier of coupling systems in the field of high-pressure hydraulics: CEJN.

You can now find preconfigured high pressure hose sets up to 720 bar from CEJN in the GRANIT Webshop. This makes it as easy as possible for you to choose the right hose and you receive a reliable product with the shortest possible delivery time. All hose sets are pressure and leak tested before delivery to ensure the highest level of safety.


The DN 6 hose sets are available in lengths of two to twelve meters and are equipped with an NPT male thread, optionally provided with or without a coupling system as a screw or plug-in coupling. The hoses are made of polymer material reinforced with a compression support of high-tensile steel wire. As a result, the cables are characterized by a consistently high level of flexibility. The small outer diameter also simplifies use in tight spaces.


The integrated CiS tag (CEJN Identification System) ensures effortless traceability and reliable safety management of the hose assemblies. All high-pressure hose sets from CEJN are equipped with this chip, which allows you to read out a wide range of information with your smartphone, such as technical data, a history of pressure tests or the time for replacement.


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