Do you make the most of the colder months for carrying out maintenance on your customers' machines? Then GRANIT is well placed to support you in your upcoming work. With the GRANIT maintenance kits for small engines from Loncin, Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kawasaki, inspecting lawnmowers, ride-on mowers and horizontal engines in various power classes has never been easier.


As the PARTNER OF PROFESSIONAL DEALERS we always focus on the best quality and take special care when selecting the products included in our maintenance kits. The GRANIT filters and oils included are characterised by the proven GRANIT quality, which is regularly tested by our in-house quality management team. Our GRANIT maintenance kits also include high-quality spark plugs from Denso, a recognised original equipment manufacturer.


The GRANIT maintenance kits feature everything you need for a successful service - simply select the engine manufacturer and the appropriate series. With the sets already configured, you can save yourself the time-consuming search for all the individual components, which will make your everyday work much more efficient.


The GRANIT maintenance kits are also a great addition to your on-site or online shop which will help customers who prefer to do their own services.



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