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When it comes to hydraulics, reliability, quality and innovation are what count. GRANIT now offers these criteria to industrial users, mechanical engineering companies and specialist workshops with the new premium brand HYPEX. Here in the webshop you get exclusive access to the brand that makes no compromises when it comes to hydraulics.


The premium products are characterized by the best raw materials, a high-quality composition and an innovative, technical design. With HYPEX we offer you components, machines and accessories for hydraulics and pneumatics that meet the latest standards and are particularly durable and powerful. Produced in Europe, HYPEX products meet even the highest standards.


The entry point to the new, high-calibre product range is formed by various directional control valves with which the volume flow in the hydraulic system can be controlled in a targeted manner. The P45 and PC45 control valves stand out from identical products due to their high-quality zinc coating. This prevents corrosion and makes the valves extremely weather-resistant, even without extra painting, when the machine is used outdoors. This makes them significantly more durable compared to the original products. The precise fine control of the consumers enables easy and accurate operation. By replacing individual components, the valves can be adapted to individual requirements. For example, electric or pneumatic operation is possible.


In addition to the high product quality, the outstanding price-performance ratio is an outstanding argument for the new premium brand HYPEX. This makes your hydraulics service even more attractive for your customers.

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